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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Crochet bikinis make a comeback

Crochet bikinis make a comeback?  OK I saw this and thought someone was having a joke ... but apparently it is back to the 70's on the Gold Coast.
Swimming in them ???? hmmmmm I think that is another story.

CHLOE Dunlop is spearheading a group of Gold Coast Generation Y hippies who are reliving the seventies.

The swimwear designer is part of a community who have brought back the golden era by shooting through vintage film cameras, riding retro single-fin surfboards, wearing pre-loved clothes and listening to their dad's Jimi Hendrix vinyls.

But a reincarnation of the Gold Coast in the '70s would not be complete without beach babes soaking up the sun in crochet bikinis.

Today, Ms Dunlop fills that nostalgic gap as she launches her new crochet swimwear line She Made Me. Read more ......

Apparently they sell for around $100 ... and NO! I will not be modelling one, any time soon.  But if you want to revisit the 1970's  you can check out the article above and buy one, or ...

You could make one!

Whatever you do have fun,
even if it is
just a bit of nostalgia for grandma LOL!


 Maybe just the Cover Up
@ Crochet Concupiscence


 Or maybe this one from

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