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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Knitting Pattern Bunny Slippers

Knit Bunny Slippers

Knit a pair of cozy bunny slippers for your child or grandchild. Small (5 1/2" sole), large (6 1/2" sole).

Skill Level: Intermediate
Designed by Phyllis Wortman
Download Pattern 
This wonderful free pattern is provided by  All the links above take you to their sites.
We can help you with the wool to knit these wonderfully cute bunny slippers.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

50% Off - Make your own Babushka Pattern Kit

Make your own babushka dolls. Ooshka pattern kits are a fun and easy sewing project. They contain a sewing pattern and instructions and a face panel printed on linen/cotton blend fabric.
You get to choose your own fabrics for your Ooshkas - they aren’t included in the pattern kit - that’s part of the fun! So is embellishing your babushka dolls with applique, pom poms, ribbons and trim.
You can also choose to make your Ooshka with black hair and blue or brown eyes, blonde hair and blue eyes, or she can be a redhead with green/aqua eyes. The pattern kit comes with the face panel of your choice. Additional printed face panels are also available for purchase.
There are also patterns included to make scarves for your Ooshkas and appliqued felt and fabric faces.

Your finished Ooshka will be no shrinking violet - she’ll measure about 41 cm tall. That’s 16 Inches.
Ooshka pattern kits are AUS$20 each. Oh no they're not.

I will have these patterns on sale until the shop closes at 5 pm Friday , 1 March 2013.  $9.99 (add $2 if you want it posted).

Go to Crafty Frog Facebool Page and message me if you want one.  There are 2 each of the following patterns.


A pattern to make appliqué faces is also in the kit.

Free knitting pattern - jacket & hat set for newborn to 18 months

Today's free pattern, from Naturally Yarns,  is for a great jacket & hat set for little ones aged newborn to 18 months old.  The jacket & hat can be knitted with either 4 ply or 8 ply / DK yarn - please click here to view / print off your latest free pattern!

As stated on the pattern, the yarn used in the design is Naturally's Classic Print 8 Ply / DK, a 100% Merino machine wash yarn that comes in 8 amazing shade combinations.  You can also use our Classic Print 4 Ply (which also comes in 8 great shade combinations) for this project.  Be sure and click on the "Patterns" tabs on both yarn pages, as these yarns are supporting by a fantastic array of designs that will keep the little ones in your life looking sharp all year 'round! 

Hop into Crafty Frog & discuss the yarns that would be suitable for this adorable set, with Laura and her staff.


Celtic, Viking and Anglo Saxon Embroidery Book

We are very excited to have copies of this book on our shelves. This is not a how-to book, full of patterns, instructions and diagrams.

It is a book of inspiration. It lets you dream. It is full of beautiful photographs that show in great detail a body of work inspired by Celtic, Viking and Anglo Saxon Embroidery.

This book is Jan Messent’s imagination let loose within a framework of her vast knowledge of embroidery and textile art of this period. She uses techniques that are completely modern and materials that were not available until very recently. However, she references the past in terms of her designs and the story of each piece. Each of her embroidered, painted, textile pieces takes the reader right back in time.

She uses Bayeux stitch in ways that I hadn’t considered and creates some gorgeous effects simply by using a thread I’d never considered. One of her pieces is a sampler of Bayeux stitch and I am now really interested in trying some of the techniques she has used. Although she doesn’t always give detailed instruction, she does write enough that an embroiderer with some knowledge and skill could easily reproduce what she’s done in their own fashion.

This is a book for inspiration. It is a book to linger over and let your imagination take flight, to get lost in, to dream over. If you want a “how – to”  book this isn’t the one for you. If, however, you want to feed your creative spirit then this book is exactly what you should put on that wish list…
$54 at Crafty Frog

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Free knitting patterns cardigan & skirt

Today's free pattern, from Naturally, Yarns has an added bonus - it is really two patterns in one, a great body wrap cardigan and a lovely draped skirt!  Please click here to view / print off these fantastic patterns!

The cardigan is designed and knitted using Drift, a 10 ply yarn that is composed of 100% New Zealand Merino and comes in 5 earthy tones.  The skirt is designed and knitted using Harmony 10 Ply, also made of 100% New Zealand Merino and available in 5 neutral shades.  
Although we don't stock these particular yarns at the moment we have some lovely 10 ply yarns.  Drop in and chat to Laura or Jo about suitable yarns for these patterns.
Lastly, be sure and keep an eye on Naturally Yarns Facebook page and blog for news from the knitting world and other things they hope will keep you entertained!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Free cross stitch charts

From The Making Spot ... the links take you to their site to download your free charts

10 cute patchwork-look motifs for cards
Relax and stitch these cute patchwork-style motifs this weekend – there are 10 designs to choose from, and each one takes just a few hours to stitch. We love this dotty strawberry, and don't miss the scrumptious cupcake and happy bumblebee too! If you're new to stitching, these designs are great for practising your cross stitch, backstitch and French knots. If you love these, check out more of our free cross stitch projects today. Happy stitching!

Craft Novice: Geometric Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Craft Novice: Geometric Cross Stitch Pattern: This is a bit of doodling on my cross stitch software, that I thought I'd share. It's so relaxing, just making shapes and playing with...

Monday, 18 February 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Crafts Expo - 22-24 February 2013 Exhibition Park Canberra

The Crafts Expo

Date: February 22, 2013; February 23, 2013; February 24, 2013
Time: All day
Location: Pavilion
The Crafts Expo features over 1,800 entries each year and is one of the largest displays of its kind in Australia. It is a major attraction at the Show, displaying a huge variety of crafts including folk art, beading, crochet, cross stitch, dolls, embroidery, glass, felting, knitting, lapidary, pottery, porcelain art, spinning, sewing, textiles and woodwork.
This year the Craft Expo is celebrating the theme “Animals of the Wild”, so it will be very exciting to see what exhibits will be created.
Every aspect of the display will be made by a talented array of craftspeople, so it will surely be a sight to see.
This year the Crafts Expo will be holding public judging for the Great Canberra Scarf Competition to be held on Friday 22 February starting at 10.00am. The Craft section looks forward to a great turn out for this inaugural competition.

Pavilion opening time:

Friday: 8.30am – 8.00pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 8.00pm
Sunday: 8.30am – 6.00pm

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Free Pattern - Lace Shawl

Lace from Naturally Yarns is a 60% Merino & 40% Dehaired Angora lace ply yarn that is lightweight but warm and very soft to the touch, thus excellent for accessory items like gloves, hats, scarves and shawls.  Lace comes in 11 fashion-friendly shades, and is supported by some amazing patterns / designs (be sure and click on the "Design Books" and "Patterns" tab to view the range).  For an elite yarn, Lace is extremely reasonably priced.  By purchasing this yarn you are also helping donate to the Child Cancer Foundation which is such a worth while cause.

Today's free pattern is for a stylish shawl that will have your friends asking "where did you buy that???"  Imagine the pride you'll feel when you tell them you created it yourself - please click here to view / print off your free Lace shawl pattern! 

And of course Crafty Frog has Lace in stock.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Oombawka Design: Darla's Bunny Hat - Free Crochet Pattern -copyrigh...

Darla's Bunny Hat - Free Crochet Pattern -copyright Oombawka Design

Get Pattern ... Click Here or
PDF Versions On Scribd, Craftsy Ravelry
Please feel free to sell items you make using my patterns.  I only ask that you credit me with the original design and if possible provide a link to my site.

The Chilly Dog: Origami Crane

Origami Crane

It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80. There is something absolutely magical about origami. It amazes me that you can take a flat piece of paper, fold it a couple times and a three-dimensional object appears. I'm not an origami master, but I can make a couple of things, and I'm pretty good at following origami instructions.

My new favorite creation is the crane. I think I was inspired to try the crane when I found the treasury of miniatures that I posted for Fun Find Friday in late December. Not only do cranes look cool, legend has it that a person who makes 1000 cranes will have their wish granted. .... Read more

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial - How to Make a Multi-Wire Bracelet

Tutorial - How to Make a Multi-Wire Bracelet

Bracelet Tutorial at Arte Selvatica Blog

"Good evening ... here I am a little destroyed by a heavy day, but much charge for what I'm about to introduce .. my first tutorial! It 'a very simple design, but once worn, it reveals a great effect ... and it's also a clever way to use all the beads beads which, if you're like me, you've accumulated over the years without really knowing what to do".... Read more

The Chilly Dog: Origami Crane Jewelry Set

Origami Crane Jewelry Set

What is more magical than transforming a piece of paper into a three-dimensional object? Try transforming a tiny piece of paper into a miniature three-dimensional object. I wasn't convinced that this as even possible until I gave it a try. The result? A unique and charming set of origami crane earrings and a necklace.

Before you tackle this project, make sure you are comfortable constructing a basic origami crane. I'll warn you now that this project is not for the faint of heart or those with shaky fingers or poor eyesight. It takes a steady hand and a bit of patience. But once you make one of these adorable little birds you will want a whole flock.
Read more ....

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial - How to Make Stitch Markers

Tutorial - How to Make Stitch Markers

Repurpose old jewelry for some pretty stitch markers

Stitch Marker Tutorial at Miss P Blog

"I've been delving into the joys of knit and crochet in the past few weeks. A lot of the patterns I was looking at called for stitch markers. When I looked at the offerings in my local hobbycraft and haberdashery? Well they were just a bit blaaaaah. Just as with yarn, fabric, and everything else; using something a bit nice when "making" just makes the whole process that bit more pleasurable, don't you think? So I decided to make my own by repurposing some old jewelry and a bit of wire...." Read more

Tutorial Exchange - How to Decorate a Valentine Candle .

Tutorial Exchange - How to Decorate a Valentine Candle

Use shell buttons to decorate a Candle
Button Candle Tutorial at Love to Craft Blog

"I wanted something pretty and feminine so I chose to decorate a cream pillar candle..." Read more

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Free Knitting Pattern - Man's Sleeveless Vest

Today's free pattern is for a vest that will spruce up any mans wardrobe, designed and knitted in Waikiwi - please click here to view / print off your free pattern! 

Your local retailer has Waikiwi in stock, and if they don't, ask for it!  If you don't know where your nearest Naturally retailer is, use our handy and easy-to-use Retailer Finder!

 Waikiwi is an incredibly versatile yarn from Naturally Yarns that comes in 15 fantastic solid shades and 10 vivid print shades.  The composition of Waikiwi - 55% NZ Merino, 20% Nylon, 15% Alpaca, 10% Possum - makes it ideal for kids and adults garments, socks, & accessories