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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Free Pattern - A Quick Cabled Gift Idea - from Knitting Daily

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Today's free knitting idea comes from Knitting Daily.   The link to the eBook at the end is an electronic  download for $US11.99, from Knitting Daily

  from Knitting Daily,  wrote the following on 27 November 2012. :I have reproduced it solely for my readers enjoyment and interest.  All rights etc remain the property of the writer and publisher.

"I recently finished a headband similar to the Ladybug Headband by Katy Ryan. I discovered that works really well as an ear warmer, too. It's great for people who don't look good in hats (ahem), or for those who don't like to wear them. And it's stylish, too.

I think I'll make several of these for Christmas gifts; after the first one is done, they'll go really fast—like one done in an evening! I love these kinds of projects. They are special to give and receive, but they're quick to knit so you don't get bogged down with holiday knitting.

The Ladybug is designed with an easy rope cable down the center. One thing that makes cable knitting so much easier (and faster!) is learning how to knit a cable without using a cable needle. Here's a video I made a few years ago, showing how I work cables without the needle."

" I know—it's scary. But put on your big knitter's pants and try it. Those loose stitches are only loose for a second, and if you use your thumb to hold them in place, they won't run from you. I promise.

Below are the written directions for this technique, based on the video. A four-stitch cable is used for each example.

Left-Cross Cable
(Traditional directions say "Hold stitches to front.")

1. Slip two stitches to right hand needle.
2. Knit next 2 stitches.
3. Slip left needle into fronts of 2 stitches that you slipped and take right needle out of all four stitches.
4. Bring right needle behind work and capture the 2 stitches that you already knit.
5. Knit the 2 stitches that you slipped.

Right-Cross Cable
(Traditional directions say "Hold stitches to back."

1. Bring yarn to front, slip 2 stitches.
2. Take yarn to back and knit next 2 stitches.
3. Take left needle to back of work, put the tip into back of the 2 stitches you slipped.
4. Slip right needle out of all stitches and capture the 2stitches that you already knit.
5. Knit the 2 stitches that you slipped.

Ladybug Headbands are also great stashbusters. So what are you waiting for? Head to the Knitting Daily Shop and download our eBook, A Step-By-Step Guide to Knitting Cables with 4 Staff Favorite Patterns! You'll love the other three patterns in the eBook, too.

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We look forward to having you join us!

Kathleen Cubley
Knitting Daily, Editor

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