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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Clover Felting Tools & Applique Moulds

Felting is experiencing a great revival since today’s sewer is wanting various techniques to embellish clothing, appliqué, quilting and other craft projects and felting gives that textured "arty" appearance. It’s fun too, because different fibres give a variety of results.

The Clover Felting Needle Tool comes with 5 fine needles inserted into a comfortable to use handle. These needles are fine pointed to pierce fabric easily and have sort of "barbed" edges to allow the fibre to interlace the fabric.

How To: Place a piece of felt, woollen fabric or other suitable fabric over a softly padded base (or use the special Felting Needle Mat by Clover), lay some fibres such as mohair, textured knitting yarn, Angelina Fiber etc. over the fabric, then pierce lightly with the Felting Tool. No thread or glue needed. Makes wonderful appliqués. Complete instructions are included in the package.

Brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance when using the Felting Needle Tool by Clover. It allows the fibres of the appliqué to mesh well with the base fabric, whilst the bristle length provides the ideal hardness and density for punching.
Make sure the needles are inserted vertically to avoid damage and don’t allow them to touch the base of the mat.

 Clover's Needle Felting Appliqué Mould allows you to insert wool roving into a designated area to create a felted appliqué directly onto fabric.
 Clover & Rabbit
Simply insert wool roving into the mould then gently punch with Clover's Pen Style Needle Felting Tool.

All available at Crafty Frog, of course.

Have fun.

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