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Thursday, 7 April 2011


Carol Cypher's classes were absolutely wonderful. 
Those who missed the day, really did miss out on a fabulous opportunity.  Those who attended will not hesitate to tell you just how wonderfully generous Carol is with both her time, information and supplies.  I for one, am completely converted and addicted to beading, and can't wait to have Carol back in Australia and definitely spending more than just one day at Crafty Frog.

In the morning Carol introduced, and in some instances re-taught, Polygon stitch.  This delightful stitch, combined with a stunning Rivoli, lovely beads (easily obtainable beads at that), and her gentle and very patient nature meant that all left with the ingredients and knowledge required to finish this wonderful bracelet.  I am looking forward to seeing all the participants wearing their amazing jewellery.

In the afternoon (and again in the evening), Carol taught us a fabulous double-needle method of right-angle weave, and more importantly a fabulous mantra to help those of us who were previously terrified of beading, to remember just what we were supposed to be doing!!  The end result of that class was a shiny piece of jewellery sure to bedazzle all who see it!  Do you get the feeling I was and am totally hooked and besotted?  If you couldn't make then you have truly missed out on a fabulous event ;-)

I look forward to welcoming Carol back here and to having more exciting classes at Crafty Frog.  As a special treat I have included two videos of Carol teaching a beading technique.  This will give you some idea of how absolutely fabulous she is, and maybe next time you can get a chance to meet Carol in person.

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